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DotA 2 Q&A - DotA 2 FAQs Revealed!

Q: Is there support for DotA still 2? (With wing-UT)
A: This was one of the first things we added soon, 
before the game was stable to help with testing. 
You'll also be able to be friends with similar skill 
level replacement for you if you have to leave. 
The players improve their reputation in the game 
and community that contribute to being able, by 
combining the current games that are missing players.

Q: Can I still play with my friends in America, 
even if they are a European? (From Adam Mosley)

A: Yes, a lot of people have friends in different 
regions, and we want to enable them to interact 
easily. One of the things that make special DotA 
is how large the community is that we do our best 
to make it easier to connect and communicate.

Q: How do you avoid delays and delays between 
the players? (By Alex)To enjoy is something that 
we share a lot of time and resources to minimize 
delay in the server, along with optimization of the 
network code which is very important to be able to 
DotA both casual and competitive
A: We extend existing steam all over the world, so 
that the dating service for DotA 2 is able to lower 
ping, where you can play. There are also some 
unique location server optimized for the treatment 
of regional long-distance games.

Q: What kind of hardware will have the game? 
(S. Hong)
A: We have no official minimum wage DotA-2 
system specs yet. The objective is to ensure 
that people with older computers and PC on 
LAN centers can do to support the game, 
but newer computers scale too well.

Q: I have heard, it would be a function of IA for 
when a player leaves. There is the possibility of 
being taken direct control of a hero? (Stephen)
A: The AI features are optional for players in the 
game. You can use other players, forwards it to 
the base, or return it to AI and modes of behavior 
to follow.

Q: Will there be anything like the AI DotA map 
or a "training mode" with difficulty? (From L. Pham)
A: Yes, there's bot support, if you only want to 

play by yourself, or you can create a group of 
friends and fill the rest of the slots with bots. 
There are a variety of different environments, 
you can use to configure the bot, the levels of 
difficulty to choose certain behaviors that you 
want to practice against. For example, if you 
want to practice the track, you can configure 
the bot to be stronger in denying, last hitting 
and harassing. We also challenge some specially 
prepared scenarios, similar to how things Pudge 
Wars, which I'll explain in more detail in the future.

Q: If the system allows me to play back and forth 
freely in time, instead of seeing a full recovery? 
(From Luciando)
A: You can jump to any point in a game of 
bookmarks for easy referencing, detailed statistics 
and graphs, while the game and watch over a 
player's view (in terms of camera movement). 
You'll also be able to watch replays with friends, 
when you write a play or learn from their mistakes. 
To support those responsible for the video, 
the playback system will be controlled flexible 
camera angle and speed. There is also a number 
of features comment and editing you can add your 

Q: Do you not think you should do a lot of changes 
to the gameplay? (Robert)
A: Significant changes do not necessarily make it 
a better game. There are many features that are 
out there for the game that make the experience 
a much better build.The game itself, however, has 
been developing step by step, and will continue 
with this method. We see this as a long-term DotA 
in the same way since time immemorial. We want 
to offer a quality and not to change to change it. 
Of course, you will see additions and improvements 
to the game over time, but it would be a natural 
development to improve the game for players and 
not for other reasons should be sought. Valve and 
I am convinced that the player in the development
process of the game is through, what will allow us 
to continue to make the best decisions about where 
to spend our time focused development has gone.

Q: Can you as a spectator during a 2 game DotA? 
(From Valo)A: A lot will be built to watch the game 
and casting message of support. You can play games 
more current (if the player is marked as private) and 
watch. You can be your friend in a game, what your 
favorite clan, or just select a difficulty level and a hero 
like you to look and find 
A: We also have a system that automatically 
distributes the load across multiple servers, so that 
the game itself is not affected by the voice users as 
a spectator. Our distribution network will enable us 
to any number of users who want to see that support 
dynamic allocation of multiple servers for the task. 
There are also special tags and search options to help 
you live or old games shoutcasted.Commentators in 
a position to act as administrators, so that anyone 
looking at his shots with the camera shoutcaster 
same things that have just checked. There is also 
an optional anti-cheat mechanism so that the game, 
viewers can now be delayed by any amount of time, 
built to reduce abuse.

Q: remains true to the casting time as Torrent and 
will still be able to do advanced tricks, such as the 
cancellation of animation, the fog of war we have 
learned tricks, etc? (From Lycan)A: Yes, the mechanics 
have been implemented. They are a very important 
part of the game and not feel the same without them.

Q: How will we be able to play the files? (Nikos)
A: You will be automatically with your online identity 
by using the Steam Cloud Storage system are stored 
so you do not have to worry about losing them. You 
can watch the replay browser tool, sort, tag, to use 
rank, and they preferred.

Q: working on DotA DotA released after 2? 
(Submitted by Jack Lee)
A: I'm planning to DotA, until the community wants to 
date. Having said this, but I think DotA 2, the long-term 
future for the game.

Q: How will the development in relation to its role, 
the current beta tester feedback from the community, 
etc.? (From Basel)
A: All these things remain the same, only I have now, 
to work with the developers at Valve. All the authors 
of our players to test, as well as aid Kunkka. One of 
the most important things for me has always been input 
from the community. There will be lots of ways 
throughout the next year your opinion about all the 
things we are working in visual functions.

Q: The charts are updated are annoying? New graphics 
are great, but if there is too much, you can not see 
what's going on anymore. (From Lycan)
A: The gameplay is definitely the most important aspect 
of the team that everyone understands that concern. 
The number one priority ensures that players can easily 
tell what is happening on the screen at any time. The 
development of the right visual balance with each skill, 
action, hero, etc., will be an ongoing process, because 
the game is play tested and get your feedback. A clean 
and clear visual representation of this action is 
important for everyone, from experienced players, 
spectators, for new players.

Q: Can I help test DotA 2? (From Liu Sing)
R: It 's certainly an opportunity to be beta-test DotA 2 
and help us with your comments.We release more 
information on registration in the future.

Q: to do anything to make it easier to get new players 
in the game and feel welcome?(Submitted by Arvin)
A: Much of what makes it difficult to present DotA, 
resulting from a lack of services for the game that 
contribute to a better relationship between players 
and which is suitable for players with the same titles 
allies and opponents are tough. Things like tutorials, 
matchmaking, AI bots, identity, coaching and review 
of the community will go a long way, so going to make 
it easier to adapt to new players

Q: What is DotA hotkey setup will be 2? 
(From Kaff Stany)
A: We have a couple of standard models covering the 
most popular configurations, but you can also 
completely customize it to your liking. You can 
customize a global basis or on a hero, if you choose. 
The hot-key setup includes everything, not just the 
heroes and concepts, but also control the game mode,
the camera control, cast car, setting the control groups, 
so save the settings for your online identity, so if you 
have a LAN center you do not need to reconfigure the 
keys.I hope Q & A session will give you a clear 
picture of the next 2 DotA game in my head.For more 
information and news about DotA 2 is available here 
for the latest updates, stay tuned.

DotA 6.68c AI Beta Release ,DotA 6..75c AI Beta Release

Finally, new AI map is available but not officially, because this is just beta and filtering. Dota But this is better than no test to enjoy:) Changeslogs not available, but it is known that the map has errors. thank PBMN for this map. :D Download DotA 6.68c AI Beta  DotA 6.69c OMG perhaps one of the longest awaited DotA custom map...
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DotA 6.69c OMG perhaps one of the longest awaited DotA custom map

DotA 6.69c OMG perhaps one of the longest awaited DotA custom map. But we still do not hear news Dota 6.67 ~ bob from GMOs. Fortunately, some people are trying to create their own version of 

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