Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Dota 6.68c Ai Modified Version (More Commands) | Download & Changelogs

This is basically a modified dota map to have more commands that works in lan. This map would allow you to do lots of fun stuff like controlling roshan and all units in sentinel and scourge,getting all the money you want,and lots more!

What is a this map?
- A map with more commands that is usable in lan games
Can I use it on garena?- Yes,you may use it anywhere,but if the person who joins you doesn't have the map,they would dl.

So what's the point of this map?
- Use it for lan games,play it with your friends,use it for fun...

Can this map be used with the original dota map?
- Nope. Its incompatible with the orig version.

How to use:
  1. Download the map below
  2. Place the map in any of your warcraft maps folder
  3. Host the map,or join other's game
  4. Type the activators to be able to use the menu and the extra commands
  5. Have Fun!

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