Saturday, April 14, 2012

DotA 6.74c 6v6 Map Download - 6v6 DotA

537 ShareDotA 6.74c 6v6 Map Download - 6v6 DotA

The 6v6 version of DotA 6.74c is now updated by GoD-Tony. As you may know, It's the normal DotA with 1 extra player enabled on each side making it 6v6. This will give you a glimpse of the v6.48b era and it's prolonging games. It would be fun to try this map online with your friends or on a LAN party.
- Ported to the latest DotA 6.74c
- Switch is disabled for Red-player in this map.
- The loading screen quality has been slightly reduced to meet Warcraft 3 map file size limit.
- Map is tested with AR, AP, SD and RD mode.
- If you experience any 6v6 related bug, please report.

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